Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Black is the new black

Sketchbook Assignment:

Draw three interiors (room, inside area, etc...) or three landscapes (from sight and not from a photo or magazine, etc...) While drawing, I want you to think about depth. How to make the far away things look far away and the close-up things look close-up.

Value Painting:

On monday we will critique our value paintings. These paintings need to have strong value. Lots of the lightest lights and the darkest darks.

There will be open studio hours on Sunday from noon-3pm for those who want or need.

Also, be ready to start a longer project after the critique. Have a surface ready to paint on because we will be working on our Depth paintings for 3 class periods.

Here are some slides from the value lecture:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Sketchbook Assignment:

For Wednesday:

sketch the before and after of 2 meals (a total of 4 sketches)

sketchbooks will be turned in at the beginning of classtime on wedensday and returned at the end.

This weeks studio hours will be friday from 11am to 1 pm.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fasten your seatbelts!

Week 1: Color

M: introduction to materials and policies
W: color wheel, gray scales, gessoeing and slide show

Week 2: Color and Shape

M: underpainting demo, still life with sheet
W: continue working on still life

Week 3: Value

M: No School
W: critique of still life. value lecture, slide show and begin a painting of value
sketchbooks due at the beginning of class

Week 4: Space

M: paintings of value will be critiqued and then we will talk in depth.
begin still life with toys.
W: studio day

Week 5: Line

M: line demo. you may think you know what I will do, but you don't.
start interior or exterior painting.
W: studio day

Week 6: Texture and Collage

M: critique. slide show/more with the lecturing
start map project.
W: studio day
sketchbooks due at the beginning of class

Week 7: Abstraction

M: critique of map projects. slide show/and you guessed it
start abstraction project
W: discuss final projects. studio day.

Week 8:

M: no school
W: abstraction project critique. start final project.

Week 9: Final Projects

M: studio day
W: studio day. sketchbooks due.

Week 10: Final Projects

M: studio day
W: studio day

Week 11: Final Projects

M: studio day
W: final critique. portfolios due.

Still life with Sheet and Sketchbook assignment

Sketchbook Assignment:

sketch 3 still lifes with at least 3 items in each. Gotta get used to using your eyeballs in connection with your hands, people.

Still Life Assignment:

For full credit, follow all of the directions. You will have two class periods to finish along with the extra studio hours over the weekend if you need or choose.

Still life is due at the beginning of class on wednesday, jan 19.

This still life should have:

* only mixed colors. nothing out of the tube and no black.
* compositional sketches; at least 4.
* several examples of warms grays or whites and cool grays or whites.
* object defined by both negative and positive space.
* a pleasing composition. think about your composition.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Bonjour, Nerds!

Let's try a blog this time. Hopefully it will help everyone stay in tune with what is happening in class.

Here is the current syllabus:
Instructor: Josie Keating
Office: Eden 4 Phone: 888.7321

Beginning Painting II
Winter 2011
Time: MW 12:30-3:20

Course Description: a class that uses painting to explore color, application, space and mark-making. We will be studying the elements and principles of design and how they help make a successful painting. The majority of your work will be completed in class. Your out of work assignments will be looking at art, sketchbook assignments and sketches that prepare you for your painting in class.

Supplies List:

Sketchbook (pencil, pen, eraser, sharpie, tape, gluestick, etc….)
Rags and old clothes to wear if you suspect you will be a messy painter
Butcher tray or plate from thrift store for palatte and wax paper
Painting surfaces: paper, wood, canvas panel or canvases
Brushes: some big, some small.
Paints: yellow ochre, cadmium yellow, cadmium red, burnt umber, ultramarine blue and a BIG tube of white.

Course Policies:

1. Attendance: Since most of your work be done during in-class studio time and feedback from me and your classmates is critical to your artistic growth, your class time presence is essential to your doing well in this course. If you must miss class due to extreme illness or a family emergency you must email beforehand. Ambulatory illnesses, vacation, or other things that are a part of daily life will not be excused. More than three unexcused absences will result in a drop of one full grade. Persistently arriving late and leaving early will add up to an absence. If you do miss a class, be sure to have the phone number or email of a classmate so that you can find out what you missed and talk to me about when an open studio time is that you may make it up.
2. Participation: You must be ready to paint at the start of each class. That means either bringing a surface with you or preparing one at the end of class the time before. During class, you must paint and do so with courage. Experimentation and rigorous engagement with new ideas and techniques are expected.
3. Grading: Your grade is based on attendance, participation and completion of assignments. Any project may be resubmitted. You may meet privately with me at anytime to discuss your progress in class.


All critiques will be held at the beginning of class time of the Monday that the assignment is due. Critiques are where we get and receive feedback on our work. This feedback is vital to the development of your work. All students must attend and participate to receive a grade on the project.

Cell Phones and Texting:
Phones need to be off and there will be no texting or talking on the phone while you are in class.

Sketchbooks will be collected every other Monday. Drawing and doodling are the preparatory work you will do to be prepared for painting.

Week 1:
Go over materials list, classroom policies and enjoy a slideshow on design, art and the painful process. Discuss the elements and principles of design.

Color and Value demonstration. Sketchbook Assignment.

Stayed tuned for more....